Lost My Way

by Supertouch

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There is a short list of musical groups within the hardcore spectrum that elude simple description. The only way for one to imagine the sound is to not imagine it at all but to simply partake in full immersion. One such band emerged from the burgeoning late 80's New York hardcore scene. An act whose name itself is now synonymous with its divergent sound. That band is Supertouch. At a time when most groups topical mainstays were reactionary politics, religious dogmas and street survival, Supertouch challenged its listeners to seek within themselves. A gauntlet thrown down for one to confront the tide of conformity in a micro-niche non-conformist subculture. An invitation to expand ones musical appreciations without diverting at all from the original mission statement. Deconstruct, take what's best and rebuild, move onward and upward. Supertouch became the most welcomed enigma on east coast matinee bills, stealing audiences wherever they ventured and giving a battle hardened scene the ability to reflect on itself. For a band so ahead of it's time, their roots actually stretch back to the dawn of New York Hardcore and singer Mark Ryan's first band Death Before Dishonor (not to be confused with the current Boston band of the same name) who played landmark shows at legendary clubs like CBGB and A7 and also featured future members of Judge. DBD evolved into Supertouch with the arrival of guitarist Jon Biviano whose skilled playing and songwriting exhibited more than a passing familiarity with the finer points of classic rock. The band was soon caught up in the second great wave of NYHC, contributing the anthem "Searchin’ For The Light" to Revelation Records' era-defining compilations: the Together 7" and New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is LP. The ultra-rare What Did We Learn 7" followed in 1989 and their full length album on Revelation, The Earth Is Flat, was released in 1991. The band toured the US and Europe several times in the years following before breaking up amidst the confusion of the mid-90's while recording their sophomore full-length leading to rumors of a “great lost Supertouch album.” After performing a surprise set at the 2010 Black N' Blue Bowl in New York City (A.K.A. The Super Bowl of Hardcore) the band decided to re-convene to coincide with several highly-anticipated historical releases. There will be a limited edition vinyl pressing of the band's famed 1988 live set on WNYU's Crucial Chaos Radio Show, an essential commodity of 1980's tape traders and their only recorded document outside of compilation tracks for some time. Most importantly the bands occulted second full length album from 1996, "Guide to the Stars" will be finally unveiled. The group has decided to reveal this long awaited effort through the critically embraced Reaper Records, as the label's mission echos the band's. To thine own self be true! Supertouch’s current lineup includes founding members Mark Ryan and Jon Biviano and their 90's-era powerhouse drummer Rich Edsell. They will be joined on bass by Dean Baltulonis, who also plays in Ryan’s current band Foreign Islands and is known for his production work with The Hold Steady and Sick Of It All among countless others. The band will be touring Europe in early of 2011 before returning to the US for select dates. Immerse yourself.


released December 4, 2010


tags: nyhc New York


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Supertouch New York, New York

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